The first thing you really need to do is read the manual. I know that sounds boring, but it really is important! If you have the DSLR already, then an A5 version is of course supplied, but if you don’t have the camera yet, then you can download printable PDFs; D7200, D7100 and D7000. For the D7200 there is also a Menu Guide available. For the D7500, Nikon have 3 manuals available: AmericasAsia/Oceania/Middle East/Africa, and Europe.

You should register the camera with Nikon Support.  To do that, you need to register your camera on Nikon’s Support web site in Europe or USA. Once you’ve registered an account, you then need to register your DSLR itself (Europe / USA) , while you’re there you may as well register your Nikon lenses/flashgun etc. Once you’ve created your account and logged in, you can then register your DSLR etc.

If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend you download the free Nikon Manual Viewer 2. Once installed, click the down arrow in the bottom right corner to download the User Manual or Menu Guide for your specific DSLR (D7500, D7200 or whatever), and any flash guns you own. You then have a searchable manual with you at all times!

When you’ve read a fair bit of the manual, or decided you need a break and want to learn in a different way, then the online Nikon Digitutor is the place to go; D7100D7000 . This is an online, interactive learning portal – with videos and graphics.

If you want to learn more interactively, then go the D7100 or D7000 pages on Nikon’s Learn and Explore web site. This is available as an iPhone application too.

Next, you should start setting up your camera – to how you’d like it. I’ve got advice on my site that covers some of the first things you might consider doing:

Beyond that, there’s a lot more you can do to learn the D7100/D7000.  There are numerous books to buy, online learning to undertake, DVDs to watch, YouTube videos to watch, and iPhone/iPad applications to download. I’ve listed some of the more popular options below.


Thom Hogan’s Complete Guide to the Nikon D7000 ,  D7100 Guide (released June 2015) and the D7200 (available soon says Thom!)

– A DVD eBook, and optional printed manual. Extensive, advanced and incredibly thorough.

Nikon D7x00 Field Guide (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US) – by Dennis Thomas ..

– “Set your sights on professional quality photos”

Nikon D7x00: From Snapshots to Great Shots (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US ) – by John Batdorff

– “Users learn how to use the D7100/D7000 to create the type of photos that inspired them to buy the camera in the first place”

Mastering The Nikon D7x00 (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US) – by Darrell Young

– “a wealth of experience-based information and insights”

Nikon D7x00 For Dummies (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US) – by Julie Adair King

– “Get the most out of the Nikon D7100/D7000”

David Busch’s Nikon D7x00 Guide to Digital SLR Photography (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US)

– “I was absolutely blown away by this camera’s resolution, high ISO performance, and abundance of advanced features.  It made other models costing as much as $600 more instantly obsolete.”

Magic Lantern Guides: Nikon D7000 (UK or US)

– “By photographers for photographers”

Blue Crane Nikon D7x00 Training DVD – Basic Controls  (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US)

– A 1111 minute video that will give you a solid understanding of the D7000’s features and controls
NB: I’m going to review this in a Blog article later

Blue Crane Training DVD Introduction to the Nikon D7x00: Advanced Topics (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US)

– 105 minutes. Topics include; Advanced Custom Settings, Nikon Speedlights and flash photography, Color management & Creating your own Picture Controls, Advanced Video recording, User Settings, & Your ritual for photography
– NB: I’m going to review this in a Blog article later

Nikon D7x00 DVD from Quickpro (D7000; UK/US or D7100; UK/US)

– A 4 part video review and demo – including a comparison with the Canon 60D

Magic Lantern Guides®: Nikon D7000 Multimedia Workshop (UK/US)

– An 80 minute DVD D7000 course in your own home + 64 page book + wallet reference card

Nikon’s DigiTutor;  D7000 / D7100

– numerous videos, showcase images, and interactive online graphics.

Thomas Hogan’s reviews;

– an indepth look at the D7000 and D7100

Ken Rockwell:

– D7000; D7000 user’s guideautofocus guide, & review

– D7100; D7100 review


D7000 review

D7100 review

– huge amounts of detail and analysis

Kelby Training:

– Matt Kloskowki sits with Anne Cahill from Nikon Professional Services and discusses the D7000

– Larry Becker talks with Mia McCormick about the D7100

Blue Crane Digital:

– Introduction to the D7000: Basic Controls and Advanced Controls

– Introduction to the D7100: Basic Controls and Advanced Controls

Creative Live:

– DSLR fast start: D7000 and D7100


Nikon: Nikon Manual Viewer 2

Blue Crane Digital:

– Nikon D7000 :  inBrief Camera Reference

– Introduction to the Nikon D7000 : Basic Controls – instructional videos

– Introduction to the Nikon D7000 : Advanced Controls – – instructional videos


– Jumpstart ……………. D7000

– Basics…………………… D7000 ; D7100

– Beyond the Basics…..D7000 ; D7100

Skava’s Nikon D7000 Toolkit For Dummies

– Download this Blue Crane app & in-app purchase for D7100 training

Min-U Guides D7000 DSLR


Nikon: Nikon Manual Viewer 2

Blue Crane Digital:

– Nikon D7000 inBrief Camera Reference

– Introduction to the Nikon D7000 : Basic Controls – instructional videos

– Introduction to the Nikon D7000 : Advanced Controls – – instructional videos

– Download this Blue Crane app & in-app purchase for D7100 training


– Jumpstart ……………. D7000

– Basics…………………… D7000 ; D7100

– Beyond the Basics…..D7000 ;  D7100

Min-U Guides D7000 DSLR

YouTube Videos:

And here’s some videos to get you going: