Shooting Movies

DSLR video has come of age. In fact, most buyers make it a pre-requisite when selecting a DSLR and ensure their new pride and joy is capable of recording high quality video. The advances have created many converts and there is quite a buzz in the film/TV industry over it. Indeed, you’ll probably not know or have realized, but quite a few TV programs are now carrying footage shot by DSLRs.

DSLRs can create wonderful cinematic quality video, with shallow depth of field and true Hollywood look and feel. There are “secrets” though to how this is achieved.

If you’ve had a go at shooting movies you’ll probably be wondering what those secrets are, since almost everyone seems disappointed with their initial results – unless they come from a point of knowledge/experience. It takes quite some research to understand it all, unless you work in the industry.

A DSLR is significantly better at shooting video than an equivalent costing video camera for numerous reasons. You’ve also made a considerable investment in your DSLR – so why not make use of it?! So, why carry two cameras? When you can carry one.

Learn those secrets and get out and shoot; the kids, the pets, the sports days, the holidays, the ceremonies, the end-of-term school plays, the school concert, the graduation ceremonies……….

Movies package

I’ve put together a download that’ll give you all the tools you need to shoot great cinema looking video. In the download you get the following:
  • How to Shoot Movies with Your Nikon D7x00 v3.0
    • 45 page PDF that covers everything you’ll need to know (covers  the D7200, D7100 & D7000)
  • Nikon D7x00 Movies Cheat-sheet
    • a 2 page summary of D7x00 settings/tips; to laminate & put in your camera bag
  • ncsetupH.BIN
    • a settings file that will configure the D7200 settings to shoot movies
  • ncsetupB.BIN
    • a settings file that will configure the D7100 settings to shoot movies
  • ncsetup7.BIN
    • a settings file that will configure the D7000 settings to shoot movies
    • a picture control setting to shoot movies (for both D7100 & D7000)
    • an alternate picture control (for both DSLRs)

In “How to Movies with Your Nikon D7x00 v3.0“, you’ll learn:

  1. Why DSLRs are so good for shooting movies
  2. The challenges with using DSLRs for movies
  3. How to set up your D7x00 the absolute best way to shoot cinema quality video
  4. The specific  settings that directly affect movies
  5. I’ll cover recommended settings for; shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, color space, picture control, distortion control, focus mode, VR mode, movie quality settings, and a whole lot more.
  6. And provide the complete rationale behind all those settings – so you know the effect of changing them.
  7. The settings you can alter (sometimes within bounds)
  8. The settings you shouldn’t alter (some extremely important)
  9. Recommended additional hardware – not loads, just a few basics that will really make a big difference
  10. Recommended additional reading/watching – for those who want more..
The PDF is over 40 pages and packed full of hints and tips aimed at improving your movies.

Who is this aimed at?

The advice here is aimed at anyone who’s not experienced in shooting movies, or who have had a go and been unimpressed with their results. After loading the settings and reading the PDF, you’ll have an excellent appreciation of what you need to do to shoot cinematic style movies, and be equipped with the skills and knowledge to capture great video.

Not got a Nikon D7200, D7100 or D7000?

You’d still learn huge amounts from reading the 41 page PDF. All Nikon DSLRs that have the Picture Control facility will read these Picture Control files too.


If you’re not happy with the download I offer a no-quibble refund.

Issues or questions?

……….. email me


“Thanks for a great download. I did enjoy reading the paper and learnt a lot……………this small package is remarkable value for money in saving me time setting up the BIN file and understanding the picture control settings. Additional advice with links to external and independent sources on tripods, microphones, loupe, ND filters and remote release, caters for all budget levels. This website is my first source for practical advice on the Nikon D7000.”
JR, Nottingham UK

“Although I was mostly interested in the Movies profile, I downloaded the Profiles & Movies combo because of the price. I look forward to using the Movies setup. I have read the Movies documentation a couple of times already and although I had read a lot prior to this, nothing was as complete nor as well written as your explanation – well done!”

Don W, Michigan US

Warranty and Disclaimer

I offer no warranty for these settings. These settings may not be appropriate for your D7x00 or your style of shooting, but should be a fast start to develop your own. I’m not attempting to “give instructions” as an adjunct to, clarification of, or correction to the Nikon D7x00 User Manual or Nikon materials on the web.


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If you buy the Shooting Movies package with the Configuration Workbook/BIN files and/or PhotoTools Package – you’ll save some money! See here for details.


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