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Are you looking for the best settings for your Nikon D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000?

Would you like setting to cover Landscapes, Nature, Travel, Portraits, Weddings, Sports, Action and Point & Shoot?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. The settings take the very best from the likes of Mike Hagen, Thom Hogan, Ken Rockwell, Nikonians and others. The settings are saved to BIN files for you to load to your DSLR and detailed in the Excel workbook. The workbook works fine in Apple Numbers too.

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D7x00 Configuration Workbook

The latest workbook has:

  1. The availability to store 7 “genre” settings (E.g. Landscape) – including 2 of your own!
  2. “How to setup your DSLR” instructions; so that every last setting on the DSLR is setup correctly for the “genre” selected.
  3. Pre-populated with settings for; Landscape, Nature & Travel, Portraits & Weddings, Sports & Action and Point & Shoot.
  4. Full details of all Nikon’s inbuilt SCENE modes –  huge amounts of this detail is not in the manual.
  5. Details & explanations of Picture Controls; again, some detail here is not available in the manual.
  6. Extensive use of colour coding, identifying what you can/can’t do with the cell and it’s purpose. E.g. black background for headers.
  7. Cell protection – enabling you to change the settings – but not the headers etc.
  8. FAQs covering; “I’ve just bought the BIN files – what do I do with them?”, “I’ve updated the workbook with my own settings. How do I save them to card?”, and “How do I use the settings files and setup my DSLR?”
  9. An easier way of seeing if each setting is impacted by “Save settings” (BIN file), “Save user settings” (U1/U2) and the 2-button reset.
  10. Window freeze settings to lock the top and side titles.
  11. A single point of entry for your name

The workbook has the following pages:

  • Help
  • How to setup your DSLR
  • MOVIE SHOOTING MENU (D7200/D7500 only)
  • U1 & U2 Settings
  • Picture Controls
  • Available Settings
  • SCENE modes

The workbook is supplied as an Excel 2013 file. If you have an older version of Excel that’s not a problem. Just download and install the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack.

D7x00 Settings Files

In the download you get 5 BIN files. They are my interpretation of how the DSLR should be setup for each of the 5 genres detailed above. The BIN files need to be saved to SD cards.

Each Nikon DSLR has it’s own BIN file format, with a different name for each model. The filenames are as follows:

  • D7500 – NCSETUPL.BIN
  • D7200  – NCSETUPH.BIN;
  • D7100  – NCSETUPB.BIN;
  • D7000 – NCSETUP7.BIN.

Your preferences may vary, but that doesn’t matter; update the workbook with your settings, load the relevant BIN file, edit the DSLR’s settings and re-save the BIN file to card. Et voila, the BIN file now contains your own settings.

Other Nikon camera model owners please note ……
Warning! Nikon UK Support advise you not to rename a file and load to a different DSLR model; it may damage the DSLR permanently.

I hope eventually to have settings files for  the D610, D800 D4 etc. Do you own one? You could help me achieve that (wherever you live!) Please contact me

What do I get?

The Configuration Workbook / 5 settings files (BIN files) for the D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000.

What does the configuration workbook look like?

The below screenshots show just a fraction of what you’ll get. (Click the image to see a larger version, then click back in your browser to return here):

D7100 Workbook Screenshot A D7100 Workbook Screenshot B D7100 Workbook Screenshot C

Why should I?

  • You’ll get the very best settings for the most popular genres people shoot;
  • The workbook is packed with detailed D7x00 information, it provides an ability to document your DSLR setup and learn more about it;
  • You’ll be able to fully configure your DSLR as a professional photographer would;
  • It’ll save you hours;
  • Hundreds of happy customers :)
  • The SCENEs/EFFECTs Modes page details information that isn’t in the manual or on the internet. The idea here is that you can see the settings that Nikon have built into the SCENE and EFFECTS modes, so you can tailor your manual mode (PASM) settings to be similar. Say you want to take a photo of a beach scene. Well, Nikon has a SCENE mode for that, but you want to shoot in Aperture priority so you have control. Well, look at the settings for Beach here & you can see how Nikon believe you should setup the DSLR for that.

Guarantee.. If you’re not happy with the download I offer a no-quibble refund.

Issues or questions?……….. email me


Payment is via PayPal or credit/debit card (Master Card or VISA). Select one of the options below and click Purchase then Checkout. After payment you will be directed to the download page and also receive an email with your purchase/download details.

No PayPal account? No problem! At the PayPal login page, click Pay with a debit or credit card

D7500 Files:

02/08/17 D7500 BIN files will be developed soon (including the movies BIN file). The D7500 workbook is being created now & is very close to completion. Huge amounts of work are going in to this because the D7500 is a major update and has a lot of differences to the D7200.

25/08/17 D7500 Workbook complete bar one worksheet; SCENES & Effects. The BIN files are being created within the next week. A Beta version of the Workbook has been released for purchase. If you purchase this currently you’ll get a download link for the current release of the workbook. Updates to the workbook and the BIN files will then be released to you as they are developed. You’ll probably get 2 or 3 version updates of the BIN files/workbook as work progresses. The price has been set higher for the D7500 since the update to the workbook is extensive. This is due to the fact that the D7500 has more features and functions and the D7200 to D7500 upgrade is a greater step than any of the previous upgrades. It’s also the latest DSLR of course, so I want to differentiate between the ages of the DSLRs. This workbook has extensive dependencies built-in; e.g. if you select CUSTOM SETTING b1 ISO sensitivity step value as 1/2 step then all ISO drop downs have 1/2 steps in stead of 1/3 steps. 

28/08/17 Several bug fixes & other updates to the D7500 workbook. BIN files are now released and available in the download if you click Purchase below. BIN files issued to Beta testers & expect 1 or 2 updates to these & the workbook. If you purchase now, you’ll get these updates emailed later.

18/10/17 D7500 files now out of Beta. No changes made to BIN files; we got it right first time! Handful of updates/corrections made to the configuration workbook. This D7500 update is substantial & a bigger step than D7000 to D7100, or D7100 to D7200. Enjoy the files, there’s a lot of data & complexity in the workbook!

16/02/2018 D7500 Movies files now released! The BIN file for the D7500 is now released. A complete update of the Movies PDF has also been done to include the D7500 and edit any incorrect/outdated URLs. The Movies PDF is now 51 pages of advice on how to shoot video with your Nikon DSLR.


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