Z7ii BIN files & new .xlsx. Interested?

Hi again.I’ve purchased the Z7ii & used it for a while now, and been developing my preferred settings. I haven’t yet invested the time/effort in setting up the Excel workbook for the Z7ii, or indeed finalized all my settings. So BIN files are not ready yet for “public consumption”.How much interest is there for […]

Selling my D7000! Checkout eBay now!

Hi everyone. After some years of not using the D7000, I’ve decided to sell it. I’ve upgraded & gone mirrorless. I’ve bought a Nikon Z7ii and started the transition to the Z series of lenses too.I’m also selling all the training materials I’ve bought over the years for the D7000 in the same auction: […]

Nikon Release NX Studio Update

Nikon have released an update to NX-Studio (1.2.0).

See Nikon | Download center | NX Studio (nikonimglib.com) for more details.NX Studio software offers a full-fledged suite of intuitive tools for viewing, processing, and editing photos and videos. It combines the photo-and-video-viewing features of ViewNX-i with the photo-processing and retouch tools of Capture NX-D […]

2 Muench Landscape photography eBooks – free!

Two free ebooks from Muench Workshops. The Art of Seeing is a deep dive into composing landscape photographs, & Depth from the Field, 122 pages of tips, inspiration, and deep thoughts from their pros. Get them here.

Top 5 Portrait Tips

One light and a reflector

It’s the perfect setup when you’re just starting out because it’s easy to understand and control. Your main light provides the illumination on one side of you subject’s face while you use a reflector to bounce light back into the shadows on the other side.

Background blur

There are three […]

Top 5 Travel Tips

Brace Yourself

There’s no need to miss out on low light or night shots just because your tripod’s back at the hotel. Just brace your camera against a table, wall, or door frame and have a go at longer exposures anyway – you may be surprised how well this works.

USB charging

Do you take […]

Top 5 Wildlife Tips

Burst Shooting

Normally we recommend shooting Raw files rather than JPEGs, but if you’re shooting in burst or continuous shooting mode, JPEGs might be best – your camera will be able to capture many more JPEGs in a burst before slowing down.

Remote Control

In macro photography, releasing the shutter by hand can jog the […]

Top 5 Video Techniques

Keep Still

It’s a typical novice error – chasing after a moving subject with the camera bouncing around all over the place and making your viewers feel seasick. Instead, take a moment to figure out where you need to be before the action starts.

Plan Your Movie

Professional videographers don’t shoot a movie in a […]

Top 5 Landscape Tips

Hyperfocal Distance

For any lens & lens aperture, there’s a magic distance setting where the depth of field setting stretches all the way to infinity and as close to the camera as possible. There’s a hyperfocal calculator on this web site: http://www.photopills.com/calculators/dof

How To Blur Skies & Water

Those beautiful silky effects you see in […]

D7500 My Menu Tip

The D7500 sees the additional of “Format card” as an option you can add to “My Menu”.

That’s useful & something you can only find on mid to higher end Nikons. I’d recommend doing that; it makes it easier to find & saves you time.