New D7000 Workbook

I’m pleased to announce version 3.0.0 of the D7000 workbook. This is a very radical update and a huge improvement over version 2.4.2.

It now has a far more professional look, makes extensive use of colour, uses cell protection, has 7 columns for “genre” styles, details Picture Control details not in the manual, has a […]

Firmware Bug, or “By design”

I’ve just discovered either a D7000 firmware bug, or possibly an undocumented “design feature”………………..

I discovered this in development of my movies package. I wanted to set a custom picture control and then save the “Set picture control” setting to the BIN file via Save settings.

What I’ve discovered is that while Load settings works […]

D7000 Movie settings BIN file

Hi all,

I’ve been shooting movies recently with the D7000 and also attended some specific training on shooting HDLSR video. Needless to say, there is lots of config needed on the D7000 to shoot video properly.

Would anyone be interested in a BIN file specifically configured for Movie settings? Let me know by posting your […]

Debating Auto-ISO

What’s the similarity between marmite, beetroot and Auto-ISO? Yep – you got it, you either love them, or hate them! For some reason, Auto-ISO frequently evokes strong opinions, and most of the time, there’s no sitting on the fence. Why is that? To answer that question we firstly need to understand Auto-ISO. What […]

Save User Settings (U1/U2) and Save/Load Settings

Like many D7x00 users, I too decided I was going to have a go at setting up several “shooting modes” – similar I guess to the D7x00’s built-in Scene modes, but doing it in a way that enables me to fully control aperture, shutter and ISO. Numerous others have already given this a […]