Advanced Settings

Are you looking for the best settings for Landscape, Nature & Travel, Portraits & Weddings, Sports & Action and Point & Shoot for the D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve developed settings that take the very best from the likes of Mike Hagen, Thom Hogan, Ken Rockwell, Nikonians and others. The settings are saved to BIN files for you to load to your DSLR. They are also detailed extensively in an Excel workbook.

Considerable research has gone into the settings for:

  1. Landscape – wide depth of field, vivid greens/blues, details in shadows
  2. Nature & Travel – vivid pictures
  3. Portrait & Wedding – soft skin tones, shallow depth of field
  4. Sports & Action – freezes action, no buffer over-runs
  5. Point & Shoot – lots of auto control – hand to someone else to shoot

I’m offering a download for these settings; it contains 5 BIN files – one for each “genre”. As well as the BIN files, the download contains a highly professional and incredibly detailed Excel workbook containing details of the all settings and a whole lot more. Carry on reading for more details….

NB: It’s important to note that exposure, auto-focus and flash settings are not saved in BIN files. They are however saved via Save user settings to Ux.  The workbook explains all and details exactly how to configure every aspect of the D7x00.

Mimicking Nikon’s SCENE Modes

These settings mimic Nikon’s SCENE exposure mode settings, but you retain complete control over aperture, shutter, ISO, exposure compensation etc. In doing this, you’ll achieve substantially better results. When you use Nikon’s SCENE modes the DSLR takes control of aperture, shutter, ISO, white balance and lots more. SCENE modes therefore are not often used by professional/experienced users.

D7x00 Configuration Workbook
It’s purpose is to record your settings for your D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000. Although I have my settings recorded here, your preferred settings may be different. You’ll need to review the settings and change appropriately. For example, these settings are customized for the UK (flicker reduction = 50Hz). It’s is an “aide memoire” to record, and visualize the ways the D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000 can be set up.

This is a complex Excel workbook. There’s no excuses here, the DSLR is complex, so the workbook is too; with 13 separate worksheets of settings. Once downloaded, please read the “Help” page first.

If your happy with the settings as they are  – just use the BIN files supplied. If not, load them, edit them & re-save them, then update your workbook. This is all explained on the “Help” page.

All suggestions and feedback welcome!

Beginners/Intermediate Users

Would you like to configure every last setting on the D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000 like a Professional Photographer would? Well, if you buy the download, you can. Simple follow the straight forward instructions in the workbook on the “How to setup your DSLR” page. This includes how to configure aspects not set by the BIN files; i.e. exposure, auto-focus, flash etc.

Experienced Users/Pros:

The download contains:

  • all the details behind Nikon’s SCENE modes; it’s useful to know how Nikon think the DSLR should be configured for snow, the beach, silhouetting etc;
  • a much easier way to view how settings are impacted by; two button reset, Save settings and Save user settings;
  • details on picture controls not in the Nikon manual;
  • an ability to change the supplied 5 settings, then re-save them to card;
  • an ability to record 2 “scene” modes of your own choosing in the workbook;
  • professional look, locked cells etc.


To; Don McVey, Scott Winders, Christopher Oldham, Mike Hagen, & Thom Hogen.


“Thank you for making the setup files and spreadsheet. They are worth their weight in Gold and I find them to be a huge bargain…”

Allan W – Arizona, USA

“You sure put time into this project and I really appreciate this. It’s nice to have updates it shows that the author is in for the long haul.”

Peter C – Northumberland, UK

“I have found your documentation of huge help in coming to terms with the D7100. Very useful, I have not seen anything like this elsewhere”.

Michael S – Northampton, UK

“I’ve taken some pictures using the Landscape settings. I took each picture at least twice, using my own settings and using your settings. My own settings were pretty basic and not as in depth as your own settings. Using your settings improved the look of the pictures by quite some margin. I like what I was able to produce.”

Simon F – London, UK

“Really great tools”

Paul S – South Africa

Warranty and Disclaimer

I offer no warranty for these settings and no guarantee that they are all totally accurate. These settings may not be appropriate for your DSLR, but should be a fast start to develop your own. I’m not giving advice as to what settings are “best”, nor attempting to “give instructions” as an adjunct to, clarification of, or correction of the Nikon D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000 User Manual or Nikon materials on the web. The downloads are my settings – appropriate to my personal requirements and shooting style. Your’s may be different.

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