This site is aimed at helping you learn about the Nikon D7000 and find photography resources on the web concerning the D7000. It’s still under construction, but will develop over a period of time.

Enjoy watching it grow! 


Legal bit

All header images on this web site were taken with my D7000. They are my images and I retain all copyright.

This web site, it’s construct and posts are copyrighted. All rights reserved.  Copyright Martin Baker 2011.

I should also point out that I have some affiliate links on the site for both Amazon and iTunes. When you click on these links I earn a very small amount for the lead. This helps me sustain the site, so please use the links.

About Martin Baker

Martin is an amateur/enthusiast photographer & adventurer/traveller based in Northampton, UK who got hooked on photography developing black and white photos in an old converted outhouse at his grandfathers house over 30 years ago! He focuses on landscape and travel.

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Please email me any suggestions or feedback on the site. Equally, if you have questions about the D7000, feel free to ask.