Selling my D7000! Checkout eBay now!

Hi everyone. After some years of not using the D7000, I’ve decided to sell it. I’ve upgraded & gone mirrorless. I’ve bought a Nikon Z7ii and started the transition to the Z series of lenses too.

I’m also selling all the training materials I’ve bought over the years for the D7000 in the same auction:

  • Thom Hogans’ Complete Guide; CD & Book
  • Blue Crane Digital D7000 Introduction
  • Blue Crane Digital Advanced

I’m including an ML-L3 remote control, 16Gb SD card, original charger, battery & shoulder strap.

All in the original box.

All in truly excellent condition.

I’m not including any lenses in that sale, they will go separately.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the auction

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