New Nikon VR website

Nikon have just launched a new web site dedicated to their VR technology. VR stands for Vibration Reduction and is the Nikon equivalent of Canon’s IS (Image Stabilization) or Sigma’s OS (Optical Stabilisation).

Nikon says “Nikon’s VR system that is built into the lens effectively corrects blur in the viewfinder image as well as in the captured image. You won’t miss photo opportunities when you utilize this system that ensures reliable shooting with a clear and stable viewfinder image”.

The web site can be found here.

More interesting though, are Nikon’s tips and techniques for when, how and why to use VR:

* when to use in low light?

* when to use Normal or Active?

* how to use with panning?

* when to use with high ISO?

* off for night scenes?


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  • Tidalflow

    I’ve only just ordered a D7000 and I’m waiting for it to replace my ageing D200. From the blogs its clear there is a design fault with the U1, U2 recall menus as unlike the memory banks with the D200 your stuck with whichever mode PASM you selected. The way I see around this for my wedding photography is to set up U1 and U2 with the same optimised settings but to provide one with the P mode and the other with M mode. By P mode I really mean use intelligent P* which still allows selection of the best aperture/shutter combination with a swift change to full manual if I want to try using the extended iso range to control exposure or for radio trigger flash shots monitored with a meter.

  • martindbaker

    Hi Phil,

    Nikon say there’s no design fault, it’s not designed to work how people think/assume.

    Have a read of my blog post here:
    And then have a read of this page:
    That should explain things.

    But your right, you are stuck with whatever mode (PASM) you chose right at the start.


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