Top 5 Travel Tips

Brace Yourself

There’s no need to miss out on low light or night shots just because your tripod’s back at the hotel. Just brace your camera against a table, wall, or door frame and have a go at longer exposures anyway – you may be surprised how well this works.

USB charging

Do you take a portable battery pack for your phone? It’s worth checking to see if your camera is compatible with USB charging too, because this can give your camera’s battery a handy refresh during a long day out.

Start early

Tourist hotspots really start filling up in the late morning, so the best time to shoot is first thing, when the light will be better too. Do some research beforehand so that you know the opening times and the best angles and viewpoints.

Invest in cards

This is no time for scrimping and saving on memory cards. You don’t want to spend half your holiday deleting photos to make room for more, or shooting JPEGs not Raw files to save space.

Pancakes and primes

For travel you need compactness, speed and convenience just as much as optical performance and zoom power, so retractable zoom lenses and lightweight “pancake” primes really come into their own.

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