Top 5 Wildlife Tips

Burst Shooting

Normally we recommend shooting Raw files rather than JPEGs, but if you’re shooting in burst or continuous shooting mode, JPEGs might be best – your camera will be able to capture many more JPEGs in a burst before slowing down.

Remote Control

In macro photography, releasing the shutter by hand can jog the camera, and you may be casting a shadow over your subject. Try using a remote release or, if your camera has Wi-Fi, a camera app to fire the shutter.

Watch Your Speed

If your subjects are moving quickly you may need a higher shutter speed to freeze their movement, so switch your camera to shutter priority mode and select a shutter speed of 1/1000sec as a starting point – you may need to increase your ISO setting.

Focus On The Eyes

It’s the golden rule for human portraits and it works for animals too! Sometimes it’s not possible to get the whole face in focus, so focus on the eye nearest the camera to get the most natural looking result.

Get Down Low

Animals, insects and a whole bunch of other natural subjects look better when you get down to their level. It makes the perspective look more natural and it gives the feeling you are entering their world.


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