Excellent new Autumn/Fall photo guide

It’s officially Autumn now then folks. The leaves will be changing colour and it’s a truly excellent time to get out there and shoot. That in mind, something caught my eye a few days ago; Chris O’Donnel from CreativeRaw has just published an really excellent 31 page free guide to shooting Fall foliage. In promoting his new guide, Chris says:

“Welcome to the first day of Autumn (for those of you here in the northern hemisphere). The air is getting cooler here in Boston, and you know what that means…fall foliage season is upon us! It looks like you’ve downloaded my Autumn Field Guide in the past…it’s a list of my best fall foliage tips to help you navigate through this otherworldly season and harness your creative expression. I wanted you to be the first to know that I’ve completely overhauled the design and layout for a much more reader-friendly experience! As you know, the previous field guide was quickly thrown together last minute so you would have a handy PDF to take along with you on your photography adventures. It did the trick, but wasn’t very pretty to look at….so I redesigned the guide to reflect the same layout as my eBooks. Autumn is my absolute favorite season to photograph. For me, that first piece of foliage signals the beginning of an ethereal journey through nature as I watch it transform into vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. Scenes that I have become used to morph into a mosaic of colors and tones, and the cooler air and unsettled weather contribute to the creation of a dreamscape playground.”

Click here to download the guide


And Chris has his best tips on shooting Autumn leaves here.

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