Do you have a D7500?

With the launch of the D7500, I’m looking to create BIN files and update the workbook for the DSLR. I’m looking to work with a handful of experienced DSLR owners who have upgraded to the D7500. One person will create the BIN files, while 3-4 people will Beta test them.

I’m looking for one person with a D7500, that I can work with, to help them create the BIN files for me. Creating the BIN files will take time, and will need DSLR experience/knowledge. I’m prepared to pay them to create the BIN files. When I did this for the D7200, I agreed 50% of the first 20 sales, which amounted to about £80-£100. I paid that in 2 instalments, via PayPal, after 10 & then 20 purchases. The process was iterative, with lots of versions of the .xlsx being emailed between us & updates/corrections. The chap that created the D7200 files for me lives in Canada, so it doesn’t matter where you live!

I will update the .xlsx, which is a huge task, trawling through the manual identifying every minor change in settings.

In addition, I will need 4- 5 Beta testers. They will receive the BIN files and .xlsx for nothing & will be asked to load the BIN files, check lots of settings & take photos with them all & email to me. Numerous versions of BIN files will be issued over a couple of months. At times we will collectively need to make decisions on values for new settings.

Whether your the person creating the BIN files, or one of the Beta testers, you’ll end up learning a HUGE amount about the D7500. It’s an ideal “forced learning” curve, that will put you in a significantly enhanced position for taking great photos & making quick camera adjustments. It’s time consuming, but it’s fun!

Let me know if you get a D7500 & are interested in this process.



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