Save up to £500 on Photography Diploma Courses With The IOP (ends 30/06/14)


* * * Two Amazing Offers for EverythingD7000 members * * *

The Institute of Photography, one of the largest online photography course providers in the UK, has teamed up with Everythingd7000 to offer you a substantial discount on two fantastic courses. This is the first time such a heavy discount has been offered by the IOP and it won’t be repeated for a long time.

I highly recommend these courses to anyone wishing to further their knowledge and experience; either beginners or intermediates. And, you’ll gain a Diploma too! There’s no time limit on completing the course, and on the Advanced course you get your assignments marked by a professional photographer.

The IOP’s Student Gallery demonstrates the stunning photography students become capable of achieving. They run competitions for students and have rewards too.

96.7% of the IOP’s students would recommend them to a friend!

I hope you enrol and wish you the very best of luck in achieving your chosen Diploma. If interested, please signup before the 30th June 2014.

Read the details below or visit my page at the IOP:

Diploma in Photography £49

Ideal for beginners, the Diploma in Photography covers 15 in-depth units on the basics of photography. Once completed, you will receive a personalised Diploma in Photography certificate which you can proudly display.

  • 15 in-depth units
  • 13 Practice Assignments
  • Membership of the IOP Camera Club forums for help, support and feedback
  • Live chat for immediate help and advice
  • Unlimited time to complete the course
  • Diploma in Photography certificate on completion*

RRP:                           £399

Offer price :            £49

Discount code:       D7350


Advanced Diploma in Photography £99

This is the perfect course for beginners and intermediate photographers who value the feedback of our resident photography experts. As well as providing all the same  in-depth 14 units as the Diploma in Photography, the Advanced course also provides the opportunity to submit photos for expert assessment. With 5 practical assignments and quality, in-depth feedback on each of your images, we feel there is no better way to improve your photography online than this course.

  • 20 in-depth units
  • 13 Practice Assignments
  • 5 Marked Assignments
  • Membership of the IOP Camera Club forums for help, support and feedback
  • Live chat for immediate help and advice
  • Unlimited time to complete the course
  • Advanced Diploma in Photography certificate on completion*
  • Distinction certificate* on score of 90% or higher

RRP:                        £599

Offer price :            £99

Discount code:       D7500


Like to know more?

If you want to know more about the courses then visit the IOPs FAQ page.

One of the most often asked questions is

  • Can I study from anywhere in the world?”


  • Yes, as long as you have an internet connection, you can access the course. We have students from Bahrain to Brunei on the course and everywhere in between!”


How to signup…

  1. Choose your course from the IOP’s shop
  2. Click Add to cart
  3. Go to the cart page (on the top menu)
  4. Enter the appropriate discount code (in the box left of Apply Coupon) & click Apply Coupon
    1. This will reduce the price of the course to the offer price
  5. Continue to payment by clicking Proceed to Checkout

NB: Please note this offer expires on 30 June 2014



* A PDF certificate will be provided to confirm your Diploma on completion of your course.

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