PhotoTools released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of my PhotoTools; a collection of tools to help your photography. They include 3 photographic calculators and a list of DSLR settings (when shooting in PASM modes) for various scenes.

The calculators include; an Exposure Calculator, a Depth of Field Calculator and a Flash Calculator. All have a professional look and are locked down to avoid accidental deletion/change. They are colour coded for ease of reading. They essentially work as an “app”.

50+ scene settings are listed in the PhotoTools download. They include for example Star Trails, Vehicle Light Trails at Night, Sharp Family Shots, Fireworks, City At Night, Seascapes, Flocks of Birds, Motion Blur, Pets and a hole lot more. The settings are for those shooting in PASM modes and cover; Exposure mode, Focus mode, Shutter speed, Aperture, ISO, Lens, Drive mode, White Balance, When best? & Support. I’ve included some tips too.

For more details visit my PhotoTools page.

The price is just £5. A steal for all that info!

Happy shooting

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