New Movies Tutorial

I’m pleased to announce version 2.0 of the D7x00 movies tutorial. This is a substantial update to the prior PDF.

It now has a more professional look, has a revised process for DSLR setup for movies, has more hints and tips, covers editing software, has more detail and yet, is easier to understand.

The DSLR setup process for movies is now more detailed, ensuring every last setting is correct for movies. It also explains how to save this setup to U1 or U2, how to overwrite those settings, then configure them again.

The movies PDF is now written to cater for the D7100 too and identifies the differences between the two DSLRs where necessary. Currently the movies download doesn’t contain a BIN files for the D7100, but it will shortly. If you purchase and download the current movies package, and you have a D7100, email me to say you have a D7100 and I’ll email you the BIN file when it becomes available.

The Picture Controls included in the download work on both the D7000 and D7100.

The price remains at £5.

Happy shooting

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