New D7100 Workbook

I’m pleased to announce version 0.0.9 of the D7100 workbook. This is very radically different to the prior D7000 workbook.

It now has a far more professional look, makes extensive use of colour, uses cell protection, has 7 columns for “genre” styles, details Picture Control details not in the manual (or on the Net anywhere else), has a very revised/easier to follow Help, and hyperlinks within the document.

It also has a new “How to setup your DSLR” process. This details, step by step, what you need to do to fully configure the D7100 as a professional photographer would for any of the 5 genres (i.e. Landscape, Nature & Travel, Portraits & Weddings, Sports & Action and Point & Shoot). The instructions cover; configuring every switch/dial, loading the BIN file, saving to U1/U2, and configuring settings that cannot be loaded by a BIN file. Also configuring some one-off settings that will apply across the board. Essentially, every single aspect of configuration of the DSLR is covered – to ensure every last setting is correct per genre.

A new FAQ sections answer questions such as; “I’ve just bought the BIN files – what do I do with them?”, “I’ve updated the workbook with my own settings. How do I save them to card?”, and “How do I use the settings files and setup my DSLR?”

This is a radical update and the new workbook looks nothing like the original D7000 workbook. It has significantly more detail, but is easier to use at the same time. It also ensures that novice, intermediate and even professional photographers can configure the DSLR and be sure that all settings are correct (provided all instructions are followed of course).

The price is still £5 – as per the previous version.

Happy shooting

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  • rhinocharge1

    Hi Martin

    Love the site but this captcha thing is awful plus I want to download your d7100 settings but have no idea how??

    Please help.



  • Point taken. I’ve changed settings so it should be a lot easier now.

  • tainton

    I purchased worksheet. Can settings changed on worksheet be saved to mem card or do you change on camera then save to card.
    I have tried emailing, but keeps coming back to me as spam mail

    • Hi, The settings can’t be changed in the worksheet then saved to SD card. They have to be set in camera then saved to the card. Numerous people have asked this. I asked Nikon for the file format for the BIN files, but they won’t release this. It’s too dangerous apparently, since if incorrect values are loaded to certain banks then it can possibly do damage to the DSLR. That’s why you should never rename 1 saved BIN file from one DSLR format name to another e.g. take a BIN file saved on a D7000, rename it to the D7100 file name & try & load it to a D7100.
      Hope that helps.

  • teresaedwards

    Do you have a workbook for the D7200?

    • Hi Teresa, yes I do. Have a look at the Downloads page. Several options there for you. D7200 has great video, so you might want to consider the £10 option, which has a 30+ page PDF giving lots of advice on shooting video, including the one golden nugget if information about how to shoot video and get it looking right on a DSLR.

  • andrejsb_

    Hi Martin! Mega big thank you for site and files. Keep that way.

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