Firmware Bug, or “By design”

I’ve just discovered either a D7000 firmware bug, or possibly an undocumented “design feature”………………..

I discovered this in development of my movies package. I wanted to set a custom picture control and then save the “Set picture control” setting to the BIN file via Save settings.

What I’ve discovered is that while Load settings works for all of the in-built Picture Control styles (Standard, Neutral, Landscape, Portrait & Monochrome), it doesn’t work for a custom style, whether that be a file downloaded from the internet, or a modified inbuilt style.

If you set Picture Control to point to any of the custom banks and Save settings to an SD card, after you Load settings (i.e. load a BIN file), Picture Control defaults back to Standard.


p244 of the manual indicates that Picture Control can be saved to the BIN file and there are no caveats documented. This should imply that you should be able to save a custom style into the BIN file.


I’ve raised this issue with Nikon UK Support and am currently waiting for their feedback. So at present I don’t know if this is a bug or it’s simply not possible to Load a BIN file and have it point to a custom Picture Control bank.

I’ll keep you posted as to my findings and what Nikon come back with.


Anyone experienced this already?

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  • martindbaker

    I’ve received the following reply from Nikon UK Support:

    Dear Martin,

    We have carried out some tests and this seems to be normal behaviour. We are still looking into this issue at present and I will get back to you as soon as possible if we have any other findings. If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us again.

    Kind regards,

    Customer Support Advisor
    Nikon Europe Support

    So it would appear that you can’t set “Set Picture Control” to a custom control, save it to a BIN file, load the BIN file and have “Set Picture Control” point to your custom control. Seems it’s “by design” that it only works with built-in styles. Maybe because they can’t check that a style actually exists in the appropriate custom bank when loading the BIN file?


  • martindbaker

    I’ve heard nothing back from Nikon UK Support on this issue, and am assuming I won’t without first contacting them. I’ll get in thouch and let you know the outcome. My guess of course is that they have no news and therefore do consider this “normal behaviour” and won’t be releasing a firmware update.

    The implication being it’s not possible to load a BIN file that points to a custom picture control. The D7000 will default back to Standard. Personally I think Nikon should have documented this in the manual – since without the caveat there’s nothing to make you think it isn’t possible.

    Happy shooting!

  • marcel

    Hi Martin,

    Have Nikon managed to fixed the above problem, also does this affect the bin files you provide with the spreadsheets on your advanced settings page? From how I read it above it is only on the custom settings for movies it is affected?

    Just bought a D7000 your site has been a great help thanks


    • martindbaker

      Hi Marcel,

      I chased this up with Nikon, and they said they were still investigating but thought that this was normal behaviour.

      The impact is that the picture control is not automatically chosen when the movies BIN file is loaded. You need to select it manually.

      I’m not sure if anything changes with the new firmware. I’ll check that out in the next few days. I need to update my firmware page too.

  • marcel

    Hi Martin,

    I have the new firmware update and it seems I still need to manual select the picture control. One other thing I have noticed is that if I load the bin file as described in your manual, ie switch to Ux and load then the camera settings from the bin it wont load the Ux setting as manual exposure as described in you settings for shooting movies? I need to load bin file settings into Manual exposure then save to Ux. Same with any of my other bin files, if a previous shooting mode on the Ux was in shutter priority and I load the bin file directly into the Ux slot it will remain in shutter priority even though it was previously saved on the bin file as aperture priority. Am I missing a step where I can load direct in to the Ux mode from the bin file?


    • martindbaker

      Hi Marcel,

      On the “Advanced” web page it does state that you need to set the exposure mode dial first. You’re right though, in the Excel spreadsheet on the Help&Versions worksheet under “HOW TO LOAD SETTINGS FROM CARD”, it states set to Ux first – which is incorrect. I’ve fixed this in the .xls and replaced it with the same instructions as on the Advanced page. I’ll email an updated .xls to all purchasers.

      Also, in the PDF in Section 2.2 it should state set exposure mode dial to M first. I’ll upload a new version of the PDF in the next few days. It’s also been pointed out that 1 of the links in the PDF is now not operational, so I’ll look at fixing that too.

      Since Nikon have not come back to me with an update on the “Picture Control not setting properly issue”, other than to say “this is by design”, I’ll also amend the Movies PDF with the latest status. I’ll email an updated version to all purchasers.

      Thanks for pointing this out.

  • imraan mintaraga

    my nikon users in Asia (Indonesia) and many use it to make a movie D7000, D7000 does have a special setting for it, if any how thanks

  • I’ve eventually heard back from Nikon Support with a quite understandable answer:

    “The settings file created by the camera does not have the ability to save a custom picture control within it. With this in mind the ability to save settings was designed to revert the Picture Control to back to ‘Standard’ to ensure that if the file was imported into another camera that this other camera would definitely have this picture control installed.”

    This means you always need to set the Picture Control manually when using BIN files, they will set Picture Control to Standard.

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