D7000 Movie settings BIN file

Hi all,

I’ve been shooting movies recently with the D7000 and also attended some specific training on shooting HDLSR video. Needless to say, there is lots of config needed on the D7000 to shoot video properly.

Would anyone be interested in a BIN file specifically configured for Movie settings? Let me know by posting your thoughts below….


BTW: I’m increasing the price of the download on 8th July from £2 to £5 to ensure I’m covering costs. So grab a bargain while you can!

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  • martindbaker


    Although no one’s posted a comment here, I’ve had quite a few emails about this now. So I’ve been busy developing a new download. This will include a BIN file (camera settings for movies), an NCP file (Picture Style file), and a PDF document in which I’ll outline how to configure the D7000 for movies and why you need some very specific settings.

    So, if you’ve been looking around the internet and you’ve seen some great movies shot with the D7000, but you’ve tried shooting some video and your results haven’t been great then read on.

    You’ve probably been wondering what you’ve been doing wrong and what camera settings were used to create those great cinematic style videos.

    Well, I was too, so I spent a long time researching this and even attended some specific “HD DSLR shooting movies” training to learn what I was doing wrong. So, I was in exactly the same camp as you guys. Now though, I’m happy I understand the issues, and the “fixes”. In the download you’ll learn loads about shooting video on a DSLR.

    In the PDF I’ll talk through setting up your D7000 to match my D7000 movies setup, discuss the settings that directly affect movies, providing a rationale behind those settings, discuss which settings you can alter (sometimes within some bounds) and, maybe more important, which settings you shouldn’t alter. I’ll also cover some recommended additional hardware, and some recommended additional reading.

    The download won’t be ready for a couple of weeks yet. I want to ensure everything is fully explained and covered in sufficient detail. But if you want to be first to hear when it’s released – either post a comment here, or send me an email and I’ll add you to the growing list!

    Happy shooting!

  • tonyblade

    Yes please I’d love to know how to shoot better video. Thank you.

  • chimmy

    Me too, please let me know when it’s ready

  • mike

    I have just downloaded the D7000 BIN files and consider them well worth the new price. Consequently I’m looking forward to the release of the movie BIN file and accompanying notes.

  • rlukenbaugh

    when will the new .bin files be ready?

    • martindbaker

      Very soon now, within a day or so. Sorry it’s taken so long, but I wanted to test everything, and provide some pretty extensive advice for novice videographers. Hence the PDF is currently > 30 pages. I’ll emaill all subscribers when it’s ready.


  • martindbaker


    Today sees the release of my D7000 Movies package. Look here if interested: http://www.everythingd7000.co.uk/shooting-movies/

    Related to development of this, I’ve found either a firmware “feature” or “bug”. It means “Set Picture Control” is not set by a BIN file if the BIN points to a custom Picture Control. Look here for more information: http://www.everythingd7000.co.uk/1764/firmware-bug-or-by-design/

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