Nikon Manual Viewer for iPhone

Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this, but Nikon have a Manual Viewer application for the iPhone;

If you have an iPhone, I highly recommend you download the free Nikon Manual Viewer.

Once installed, click “Download” within the app to download the D7000 manual, and any other manuals for Nikon DSLRs and speedlights you own.

You then have a searchable D7000 manual AND it’s with you all the time. Also, it’s free!

The manuals are available for;

  • DSLRs: D3S, D3X, D7000, D5100, D3100, and F6;
  • Compacts: 1V1 and 1J1;
  • Speedlights: SB-910, SB700, R1C1, SB-900 and Sb-800.

Thanks go to Ray Smith for letting me know. Cheers Ray!

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