This site is aimed at helping you learn about the Nikon D7500, D7200, D7100 and D7000. It will also help in finding photography resources on the web concerning the DSLRs.

What’s on the site?

Well, if you’re contemplating buying a D7500, D7200, D7100 or D7000, have a look at features,  reviews and comparisons. This’ll help you make a decision.

If you already have one of these DSLRs and want to find resources to learn about it, have a look at learning . This covers books, DVD, iPhone/iPad app, streaming and online content.

If you want to learn about the setup of your DSLR, then have a look at my various setup pages;

Looking for the best settings for Landscapes, Portraits, Weddings, Sports etc? And/or want a method to document your D7100/D7000 setup? Then visit Advanced Settings or Download Workbook/BINs. These settings take the best from many recommendations from the likes of The Nikonians, Thom Hogan, Mike Hagen & Ken Rockwell.

Want to learn how to shoot movies properly with the DSLR? Then check-out Shooting Movies.

Would you like a list of camera settings you can print & put in your bag? PhotoTools contains 50+ settings for PASM modes that cover scenes such as; kids playing, slow-water, panning, pets and lots more. PhotoTools also contains 3 incredibly helpful calculators for exposure, depth-of-field and flash. Visit my PhotoTools page.

If you have an issue with or question about the DSLR, then visit my Help page.

Lastly, there’s my Blog – where I provide various news updates, some reviews, and discussion on issues and features.


First, here’s a few quick introductory video. And remember, all this video was shot with the DSLR it covers.